Eden Pan

Data Analyst

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Eden holds an interdisciplinary B.A. & Sc. degree from Quest University focusing on cultural anthropology, human geography, and political economy. Eden’s research interests lie at the intersection of racial, economic, and education justice. Trained as a human geographer, Eden is knowledgeable about quantitative, qualitative, and spatial analysis. Prior to joining the Equity Research Institute, Eden conducted a research project on the charter school movement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In particular, Eden used narrative interview and archival research to examine why various community leaders and educators joined the charter school movement and created alterantive schooling spaces.

Eden was born in Shanghai, China, moved to the United States during elementary school, and grew up in the San Gabriel Valley. Eden is a first-generation college graduate, and their passion for social justice developed during sophomore year in college when they encountered works by Black and women of color feminist scholars on intersecting systems of oppression. Eden has worked with several nonprofit organizations that seek to address social inequalities by contributing to these organizations’ research and programming effort.