The California Immigrant Data Portal is a resource and progress tracker for immigrants and those serving immigrant communities across the state of California. Our data indicators are designed to track change over time, compare across geographies, and disaggregate by race, immigration status, and other features as much as possible. These data indicators, paired with narratives, can be used to better understand the issues facing California’s immigrants to promote a more inclusive and equitable California.


Illustrating the diverse backgrounds and experiences of immigrants statewide

Building an inclusive and equitable society begins with acknowledging and understanding the diversity within communities. Immigrant individuals and families originate from different continents, cultural backgrounds, education levels, age groups, and personal experiences. Immigrants come to the United States for a wide range of reasons, including economic opportunity, political asylum, and refuge to avoid discrimination and violence often tied to their gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and other identities. The demographic indicators illustrate this diversity and variety of immigration statuses and experiences.

Economic Mobility

Capturing immigrants’ contributions to the local, state, and national economy, while assessing the obstacles they face in order to thrive in the economy

A healthy economy allows immigrants, who form a vital part of the state’s workforce, to fully engage and thrive by obtaining living wages and quality jobs. The economic mobility indicators capture the systemic challenges that many immigrants face to fully participate in the economy, but also track their economic contributions and economic wellbeing over time.

Warmth of Welcome

Examining the degree to which host communities are providing social supports to welcome immigrants

A welcoming society provides services to immigrants and a safe environment so they can engage with their communities. The warmth of welcome indicators examine efforts to ensure the inclusion of immigrants and refugees into their communities, while assessing the ways in which receiving communities can also create hostile environments for immigrants and refugees.

Civic Participation

Evaluating the extent to which immigrants are able to engage and participate in their communities

An inclusive society develops creative avenues for immigrants to participate in civic processes. The civic participation indicators evaluate the type of opportunities and the extent to which immigrants are able to engage in key decision-making processes that impact everyday life.